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Car seat repairs in Bromley

Caring for your classic car

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Specialists in car upholstery

Cass Bros in Bromley, is a specialist in car upholstery for vintage classic and modern cars. Our services include re-trimming, car seat recovering, seat repairs, convertible hoods repaired, pre-made / tailor-made convertible hoods and rear windscreen replacement.

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Car seat repairs

A car seat is open to a variety of abuses, but we have a solution to most of them! We can insert new fabric panels, colour match to your interior, bring life back to tired leather, replace seat foam and even fix cigarette burns.

Car retrimming

A cherished car now requires a total revamp? Your new car hasn’t come with leather upholstery? Cass Bros can provide a full or part re-trim service. We can provide headlining, interior panels and seat restoration.

Soft tops

The convertible has also made an amazing come back over the past 25 years, but of course has been around since the motor car was first developed. We can provide and fit ready-made hoods, tailor-make a soft top for your vehicle or repair an existing soft top.

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Very professional and helpful business, high quality workmanship.

Ian O

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To the majority of people their car is merely a means of getting from A to B, but for many it means so much more! It is their hobby, their livelihood, their fun, their passion, their pride and joy. It is for these people and because of these people that Cass Bros has been dispensing excellence for the past 50 years. We hope to see you soon...

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