A cherished car now requires a total revamp? Your new car hasn’t come with leather upholstery? Cass Bros can provide a full or part re-trim service that, being tailor made on the premises to your vehicle, is second to none.

We can provide:

  • New carpets
  • New headlining
  • New door and interior panels
  • Total seat restoration, to original or owner specification

All carried out in a wide choice of materials that will be chosen and utilised only in complete consultation with the customer.

Leather has made an astonishing come back over the last 25 years, and is now the preferred choice of interior for the majority of car owners. Whether you want to change your cloth interior to leather, replace and existing leather interior, or customise and interior to bring a splash of colour to the inside of your vehicle, we are happy to be of service.

Cass Bros has access to a wide range of leather hides, the difference in price reflecting the difference in quality, thus making a full leather re-trim an affordable option to a wide range of people.

I must emphasise a point, however. Cass Bros deals only in custom tailor-made interiors, made to your vehicle alone and carried out 100% to your specifications. We do not provide ready made leather interiors in a cardboard box and indeed have no wish to do so. However, if you wish to follow that path we will gladly fit a leather kit provided by yourself but can offer no guarantee as to it’s quality.