No job is too small!  a common enough promise, but one that we adhere to rigidly. A car seat is open to a variety of abuses, but we have a solution to most of them:

  • A worn bolster caused by sliding across the seat on entry or exit from the car? We can insert new panels of material to replace worn parts, and if we can’t match the material exactly (more often than not we can!) then we can usually get very close.
  • Same as above but in leather? Again we can replace damaged panels with new leather, and can offer a perfect colour match via the technique known as re-connolising. (see below).
  • Leather is not damaged severely but it is dirty, discoloured, faded and a little tired? We offer a re-connolising service on the premises by which leather upholstery is thoroughly cleaned and then re-coloured using a specialist leather paint. The results can be simply unbelievable!
  • A stray cigarette has burnt a hole in your car seat? We make cigarette burns disappear. Not by filling them with a coloured paste like the mobile smart repairers do, but by stitching them out so that when they are gone they are gone permanently!
  • Interior seat foam and padding has been broken up, thus making the seat extremely uncomfortable? Seat forms can be repaired, rebuilt, reshaped or even removed, to make your driving experience as comfortable as possible.

Quite simply, if you have any problems with your interior upholstery then please do not hesitate to contact us. Nine times out of ten we can offer and permanent and a quality solution.