Soft Tops

We are soft top specialists.

The convertible has also made an amazing come back over the past 25 years, but of course has been around since the motor car was first developed.

  • Cass Bros can provide a supply only, or supply and fit of patterned ready-made hoods for the majority of modern and classic convertibles on the road today.Original quality parts are also made to order.
  • For the vintage or converted vehicle, for which no patterned parts are available, Cass Bros can tailor-make a soft top to your particular vehicle in the three main types of hooding available: mohair, double-duck canvas or everflex vinyl. Colour would of course be to your choice.
  • For the majority of soft-tops with a clear plastic soft window, there is no need to replace the entire hood when the window is damaged! We are able to install a new plastic window into the existing soft top to all but a few of the convertibles on the road today.